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Bo Ryan's media tour adds more confusion to Jarrod Uthoff saga

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Following a number of columns and radio rants attacking Wisconsin head basketball coach Bo Ryan, the Badgers head coach broke his silence this morning regarding his handling of the transfer decision by Jarrod Uthoff, offering himself up to a pair of ESPN media entities.

The problem is that Ryan gave us nothing of substance to give clarity on the matter or a basic understanding of why the head coach did what he did to block Uthoff from transferring to a number of schools.

"There are rules," Ryan said in variation a handful of times, both on Mike and Mike this morning and in print to Andy Katz.

But the rules were never defined in either interview, and it shed no light on the tight restrictions being implemented.

I'm not saying they don't exist, but why do you have to be so vague and unclear as to what your reasoning is? It's hard to believe any high school senior would sign a contract that bound them to one place for the next four years of their life, with no wiggle room to re-locate at any time.

If there are one or two crucial unreported facts that support Ryan's hardballing, now would be the right time to publicize them.

Ryan did indicate that he was upset at Uthoff's process to officially decide he was transferring. The head coach was on vacation, he spoke briefly with the player on the phone and face-to-face, but it does not seem like there was any substantial discussion as to next steps and what Uthoff was looking for, both from an academic and basketball perspective, in his next destination.

It also seems like some important documents didn't quite find the right mailbox.

If that is the case, and Ryan blocking schools were a means to slow the process and pump the brakes on Uthoff to learn more about what the student-athlete wanted, then Ryan should have just blocked Uthoff from transferring to all of the other 344 Division I college basketball schools, spoken with Uthoff, then lifted the restrictions once both were on the same page.

That, in hindsight, would make a lot more sense. But then again, sensible thinking has not been a recurring theme with this story.