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Anthony Davis reveals funny side on Jimmy Kimmel

Unlike pro athletes, college athletes are fairly shielded from the media.

In-season interviews are never easy to come by and must be approved by the athletic department. During post season tournaments, the NCAA employs an incredibly ridgid and structured process of podium interviews moderated by an NCAA staff member. Locker room interviews that are limited to a certain number of minutes.

It makes sense, too. See: Holloway, Tu; December 10, 2011.

But this coddling also prevents you from really getting a true sense of how personable and, frankly, funny some of our favorite college basketball players can be.

Take Anthony Davis' appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this week. The kid was great! He told jokes about sort of not going to class. He took jokes from Kimmel about his uni-brow and was loose for the entire interview.

It was a great ten minute segment that ended up actually being a revealing interview as to the make-up of the best player in college basketball.

Outside of swatting shots and ooping with Marquis Teague, I never thought much of Davis. He seemed a bit timid and shy with the microphone.

I was way off.

The kid's got jokes for days. We all know that late-night talk-show hosts are the best at bringing out the personality in a person, but Davis seemed very comfortable sitting in that plush couch.

All the more reason to go pro. He's ready for the big-time and everything it entails.