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Here's Anthony Davis losing a fight with a hot wing

A few years ago, I unknowingly ate some flower pepper from the Sichuan Region of China. It was buried in an order of rice from a neighborhood restaurant.

I blacked out for about seven minutes, drank a quart of milk, and dunked my head in a kitchen sink filled with cold water.

Anthony Davis had no such options for relief this week after downing a "Blazin Wing" at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Florence, Kentucky, the spicest wing sauce at the chain restaurant.

There was also a man with a video camera to capture it all, as the the best player in college basketball for the 2011-2012 fell victim to some spicy food, despite a herculean wussy* effort.

Watch the video and you'll see Davis struggle to recover and chug water at a blistering pace, which we all know isn't the best remedy for something like this.

After the NBA Draft, Davis will be able to hire a man to carry around a gallon of milk in the event he's presented with extremely hot food. It's all part of the growing up process.


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