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Gordon Hayward's miss is our favorite college basketball highlight

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Sort of a strange superlative, no?

I mean, Hayward did miss the shot. The result of the play was the Duke Blue Devils, not the Butler Bulldogs, winning the 2010 National Championship.

But that's not why we're calling this the best of the best.

No, because Hayward's half-court heave, under the bright lights of Lucas Oil Stadium, in the basketball hotbed of Indianapolis, which is home to Butler University no less, in the state that served as the backdrop to Hoosiers, did not actually go in, the mind is free to wander and daydream as to just what would have ensued had Hayward's shot actually swished through the net.

We've all played out at least a few scenarios in our heads.

In one instance the crowd just goes completely silent; sitting in stunned belief. Maybe in another Gene Hackman presents the National Championship trophy to Brad Stevens. Or maybe the entire state of Indiana just implodes.

Sometimes plot lines in movies are too bizarre or unrealistic to enjoy. Butler's run through the 2010 NCAA Tournament was something you would have a hard time scripting. It was unbelievable until the final seconds of that National Championship game, but the fact that the shot did not go in allows us to fantasize if the unthinkable actually became reality.

What's your favorite college basketball highlight?

Or should we say, what's your favorite college basketball highlight that you can find on YouTube and share with us all?