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2012 NBA Draft Prospect Video Cards are fun to watch

The NBA Draft is Thursday, and that means this week is a big time for cynics and scouts alike to have their final say on which college players project nicely at the next level and which players may not be cut out for life in The League.

As part of their "Video Card" series, SB Nation Studios gave me the keys to draw up comprehensive scouting reports for a number of the most intriguing players in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Above is a playlist of ten prospects who expect to hear their name sooner than later in Round 1 of the draft. Just like you used to trade Grant Hill rookie cards for Jason Kidd rookie cards back in the 1990s, feel free to link a prospect's video "card" back to your own blog to share with your own readers.

You can watch all the video cards by clicking play on the video above just like any YouTube video, and also scroll through at your leisure by clicking the next chapter button.

All of the rankings, and player strengths and weakness are from yours truly. I'm ready for blowback and criticism.