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Jim Brown: The most egregious Heisman snub

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In NCAA Football 2013, users can drop a bevy of Heisman trophy winners onto their favorite team's roster. This can be awkward for some (see the video below) but hopefully fun and entertaining for the game's target audience.

Unfortunately, though, users will not be able to take a dominating running back from the 1950s and let him trample over inferior computer programmed defenders

Because this is a college basketball blog named after a former Syracuse basketball player, we feel obligated to support Jim Brown, the greatest football player who did not win the Heisman Trophy.

In 1956, Notre Dame's "Golden Boy" Paul Hornung won the award. Good for him, right? Hornung was an all-everything type player for the Fighting Irish, leading them in passing to punting. He even was the team's return man.

Too bad his team didn't even finish with a winning record.

Brown, on the other hand, ran for 986 yards and scored 14 touchdowns in just eight games...and finished fifth in the voting.

You see, this was a time where racism was still rampant in America. Brown had to essentially be coerced into attending Syracuse. He was from Long Island, and at the time the school had a terrible track record with African-American players.

Brown was hesitant, but was eventually convinced that upstate was the right place for him after a Syracuse alum from Brown's hometown facilitated the move even though Brown was not at all very well received.

Despite the discrimination Brown faced from both Syracuse students and teammates, his raw abilities simply could not be ignored. His 1956 junior season was the year where coaches finally gave Brown the majority of the team's carries and positioned him as their star player.

Numbers don't lie, but they apparently didn't mean much to racist Heisman voters back then, who prevented Brown from winning the prestigious trophy he deserved.

The results were so egregious, legendary sports reporter Dick Schapp allegedly was so ticked off that he never submitted a Heisman vote again.

In today's world, we know that not winning the Heisman does mean you will not be a star at the next level.

When Brown entered the NFL as the sixth pick of the Cleveland Browns, he immediately set fire to the league, and to this day stands as one of the greatest backs in the history of the game.

A nine time Pro Bowl selection, eight time rushing champion, three time NFL MVP and one time NFL Champion, Brown was even rated as the No. 2 NFL player of all time by

But he did not win the Heisman, and it's the biggest snub in the history of the award.


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