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The End Of Searching For Billy Edelin

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Sometimes I don't feel like this was ever made clear.... I did not attend Syracuse University.

I also didn't start a blog as a cheap way to meet a former Orange guard. That was the result of forging what's become a genuine friendship with Billy's father, William Sr..

The idea was and remains unjustifiable, but well before actually went live on November 16th, 2008, the name had been ringing in my head for years.

I really, really, like college basketball.
Blogs can get some attention when their name follows the formula of [VERB] + [SPORTS FIGURE].
Billy Edelin is one of the most enigmatic yet intriguing dudes to flash through my life.
I am sort of an OK writer.
I tend to overrate my skills...

Searching for Billy Edelin!

But after nearly four years, the blog that gave me a seat at the sports media kids table is going away.

I won't be going away - you wish - but this place is no longer. I had to be honest and realize that SFBE had run it's course; requiring effort that was preventing me from maximizing my reach as a blogger.

Yes, now would be the time to cue up "This is the Time" by Billy Joel.

During its slow and steady growth, my work here put me in front of people and got me into places I could never have imagined way back when I actually purchased the domain name and hosting fees, and pushed the big green button to allow my college basketball thoughts and commentary to be visible for anyone.

SFBE has been a catalyst in my growth as a person, too. What once was something I mentioned to few turned into something that I've discussed and shared with everyone from grandmothers to hiring managers.

I've grown fond of the many connections and friendly acquaintances I've developed along the way; bumping shoulders and putting faces to Twitter handles of people who share a common passion or do this to actually put a roof over their heads.

The blogosphere is neat, I tell you, and I'm happy to be part of it.

With that being said, what's most satisfying about the end of SFBE is that it doesn't mark the end to my meal at the aforementioned table, as I'll still be rhythmically typing away this upcoming college basketball season.

If anything, it's a chance to shut the door on what's been a successful entrepreneurial endeavor that is leading to bigger, better and more importantly, more scalable opportunities in my life.

Going forward you can find me doing more with SB Nation for the foreseeable future. I'll be bantering over at Big East Coast Bias, standing up for the little guy over at Mid Major Madness, looking pretty over at SB Nation's YouTube channel, and contributing to's college basketball coverage with the venerable Mike Rutherford.

Follow me on Twitter, stay in touch with emails and comments that both praise my work and attempt to chip away at my self esteem - I appreciate them equally - and feel free to browse the blog's archived content at your leisure.

Additionally, I encourage you to consider making a donation to Billy Edelin's youth basketball program, the Hoops Haven Gym Ratz. If you've read my story "Finding Billy Edelin", you know he's doing fantastic stuff in upstate New York, creating more and more opportunities for his youth teams to participate in national AAU and club team tournaments in the fall and summer. Traveling costs money, so just a few dollars from a lot of people can make a real difference to some promising young kids.

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